Milestone 2: Entering Kindergarten- Time

Starting Kindergarten is a fun and exciting time in a family.  It is the beginning of a child’s school career and a great time to start new traditions to help children excel academically and spiritually. The Kindergarten Milestone is designed to help set the pace for your family during the school age years.

Family Experiences: 5 Year Old


Children in kindergarten are fairly self sufficient. They are beginning the phase of independence. whether your child is at half-day or all-day kindergarten or is home-schooled, they are going to be spending some amount of time away from you for the first time. This can be both scary and exciting for parents. But rest assured--your child is ready for this change.

Family Experiences: 1st Grade


1st graders are stepping into their “Big Kid” years. There can be me insecurity for children during this transition. This year kids are spending a good deal of their time away from you, which can be a little scary for everyone involved. However, they are developmentally ready for this shift toward independence.